Why are you trying? You know we are smarter than that. Stop trying to take the "children" away from the paradise we're trying to create. They ARE living a much better life here anyway. And guess what? I know who you are, and We'll be recording each user who felt as if it was "just" to destroy our organization's future. We'll be recording it right here on this website. Currently we have "HopePants".

I knew it. Keep coming in, we don't mind. You won't find anything here. Nothing you do will work. Stop it. This place is keeping kids safe from deAth, not throwing them into the pits of hell. Stop it.

(Please scroll to the bottom of this page to read the 2023 January disclaimer. This site was created for a project that started in 2020 July and discontinued on a date in which I do not remember. I was 12. )

Ignore whatever the top of this page said!
Check out the Official Page
for the Ibuki-FanClub!!!

creator's note:
trigger warnings: homophobic/ableist/racist slurs (edit:all in which me at that time was able to reclaim), mental abuse, verbal abuse, physical abuse, drug abuse, panic attacks,
human experimenting, grief, memory loss, vomiting, hand injuries, intrusive thoughts, obsessive behaviours,
head injuries, face injuries, leg injuries, trauma, body horror, blood, suicide, gore, self harm etc.
trigger warnings that depends:
if from what you've seen, you believe a character in the story is mentally ill... then trigger warning for mentall illnesses, too.
(reminder that i don't promote anything of the above. this arg is for coping, but still my writing and my english is horrible. deep apologies for that.)
please check out the full arg on 画吧, a chinese drawing mobile software.
although the search engine on there is broken, because chinese censorship is bad :(, but i believe you can find her.
just search for a girl with the name "椰纸在恐怖地狱的日常", and a pistachio-like creature as an avatar.
just be aware, she doesn't post a lot. but this software doesn't have much people.
you can probably find her posting some stuff in the "community" section's "潜水天地" section.
on that page, there will be even more explicit drawings. almost every post in chinese. so grab your translator with you!
(if you need help finding the account. you can contact "xiaozazaz@gmail.com".)
(2023 January note: My memory of this project has been blurred and disfigured. Though I remember that this ARG was a great learning experience for me as to writing, coding, and such. When I made this, I was a 12-year-old that just moved from China to North America. That hopefully explains the complete lack of logic and fluent English in every single page relating to this "ARG". Back then I had an awfully immature perception of the world due to my inexperience and warped consumption of internet. I wanted to express and show myself to the world so badly that I spent months crafting every corner of this thing. And even then, I couldn't get a good audience to critique my work. First off: the main platform I used was an obscure Chinese drawing site with horrific cencorship and almost everything I posted on there was fully in Mandarin. Secondly: all my Chinese "players" had to practically use an VPN. Third and most important of all: I was a stupid kid that didn't really know anything. If you're reading this: Thank you for knowing me. If you found the callsforhelp.neocities.org or participated in the """ARG""" in other ways, thank you. I don't know what to say. If you still want to know the new me (I'm 14 now, horray!) after all that, check me out on twitter.com/real_godzekiel or real-godzekiel.tumblr.com. I don't know. My memory of this project has been blurred and disfigured, and I wish to permanently keep it this way.)

haha im such a fancy chink.